Coaching Categories

New Project Idea

One of my favorite parts of creating is exploring a new idea. This is the time when our brains race with possibilities and hearts thump with excitement.

Whether you want to start a YouTube channel or learn a new instrument, I can guide you through solidifying your first steps and goals.

Project / Time Management

If you want to get anything done, you need a plan. Without a schedule or a backlog of things to do, your time will get sucked away by the noise that fills our everyday life.

I can guide you through creating, tracking, managing, and completing a project. I can help you find a balance in your time between creating and the other things in life.

Project Accountability

Life happens. We forget why we are doing something or we fall behind schedule. Everyday people are fighting for your attention and it’s easy to lose focus.

I can help you stay on schedule and remember why you have schedule in the first place. I will ask the hard questions and push you towards reaching your biggest goals.


An important part of my life is my faith in Jesus Christ and my service to my local church. I’ve been creating, leading, and serving in the church for over 10 years.

I can guide you through building a volunteer team, leading a music team, or developing disciple disciplines.


My wife has lovingly named me “budget boy.” Because creating often requires buying things, financial management is a skill you need.

I can help you build a budget, share with you some of my favorite tools, and provide you with a basic financial plan.


I was trained in music through my middle and high school, but all the instruments I play now, I taught myself.

I can teach you the basics of music theory, provide you with resources to teach yourself, and develop a curriculum curated for passions.

My Promise to You

2 Things I know for certain:

  1. Our time on this earth is precious.

  2. I don’t know everything.

I am committed to walking with you as you take your next steps as a creative, but I do not want to waste your time or my own. If the time comes that I have taken you as far as I can, I will do my best to point you in the direction of other friends and creators who are experts in your field.