What is AmbleMind?

Over the past 2 years I have come to believe that given the right circumstances, every person has the capability and desire to create.

I see this in my own life every day. If time allows, I dive into working on whatever the project is at the time. The projects change, but the mindset behind them does not.

Since I was a wee little man, I have always been interested in how things work. Whether it’s how the gas pump knows when to stop or how to make a wooden stool, I can’t help but continue watching new videos on YouTube.

But my journey does not stop there, once my interest is peaked, I want to see what I can do with my newfound knowledge. What can my unique life experience do with this information that someone else can’t? What can I create?

And I believe it’s not so much about what we create, but why we create. I like to create music and code, but others create art, families, businesses, books, memories, and the list goes on.

Creating is a way of expressing who we are and what we are experiencing in life. It is a way to bring what can only be found in our thoughts to the physical world. Creating helps us step away from the hard parts of life for a time so that we can step into one of the best parts of being alive: creating.

Once your life is over, so is your creative journey. So if you don’t see yourself as a creator, I encourage you to start creating something that peaks your interest today. And if you are a seasoned creative, press on! Only you can create that beautiful creation you are working on.

You can create anything you can think of — one step at a time. But you may not know where to start or where to find certain resources or how to find the money and time in your schedule to create.

Well, that my friend is why I found AmbleMind.

I am here to partner with you on your creative journey. Through my own projects, I hope to inspire you. Through the projects of the community, I hope to encourage you. And as I continue to add resources, I hope to equip you.

I invite you to join me on my creative journey, and I ask that you let me step into yours.