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As a lifelong creative, I LOVE learning how things in this world work and then responding to that newfound knowledge by creating something of my own. Through my online courses and projects, I share the tools needed to follow this passion with people just like you!

What's the Point?

My desire is to create a space for creativity in my own life and in the lives of others.


I ditched SquareSpace and created this website on GitHub. So if you are a curious person like I am, you can check out the code that is this web page on Github.

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TipTrainer teaches you how to calculate tips in your head with 3 tools at your disposal: Calculate, Practice, and Learn.

Make Your Own App

Turn your ideas into real moblie apps without writing any code. Yes. You read that right!

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I'm on YouTube!

On YouTube, I teach people just like you how to make apps with a new super easy tool called Thunkable. Come check it out and learn how you can make your very own app.

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Animated teacher and guitar
Acoustic Guitar 101

Learn the 10% you need to know about guitar to play along with 90% of songs.

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Guitar Crash Course

This 5-day email-based lecture series was created for those wanting to learn more about the background of the guitar and how it works. My goal is to spark your interest and help you determine if you would like to learn more about the guitar.

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Darren's Music

I have enjoyed playing music for over 15 years. Most of that time has been in the school band, leading songs at my church, or writing my own songs. I have a few things recorded here if you're interested.

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